Two Interior Design Tips for Office Owners


If you're decorating your office, here are some interior design tips to follow.

Avoid cosy décor and colour palettes

It is generally best to avoid décor or colour palettes that create a cosy atmosphere for the office. This includes darker, warmer wall colours (like burgundy or dark green) as well as thick, heavy curtains, plush carpets with busy patterns and soft, ambient lighting. Instead, you should stick with light neutrals, pale-coloured Venetian blinds or sheer white roller blinds, clear or white ceiling shades and either a short-pile plain carpet or hard flooring material.

The reason for this is that your employees will be affected by your interior design choices. If you decorate the office in a way that makes it incredibly cosy, this could potentially lower your staff's productivity levels, as it may make them feel a bit too relaxed to work in the efficient way that they normally would. Furthermore, during the summer, the presence of heavy curtains and thick carpeting might make the office so warm that your employees become drowsy.

Your client's perception of your business could also change if you opt for décor that's too cosy, as this type of interior design is more commonplace in commercial settings that are supposed to have a laidback atmosphere (such as bars, coffee shops and romantic restaurants) and so your clients might, consciously or subconsciously, assume that you take a very laidback approach to your business. If you'd prefer your clients to see you as efficient, ambitious and productive, it's best to avoid this relaxed, cosy aesthetic.

Choose the right artwork

Most offices look very similar, and so if you'd like yours to seem thoughtfully decorated and to reflect the characteristics of your business or even your own personality (if you're the face of your business), then you should try to give it some character by choosing interesting and appropriate artwork.

The artwork you select should not only be suitable for the type of enterprise you own (for example, if you run an architecture firm, you might want to opt for line drawings of famous buildings) but should also work with the colour palette you've selected for the office. For example, if you've chosen a soft colour palette of white, pale grey and sky blue, you should avoid any artwork that has jewel or neon hues that will clash with it. Instead, you should stick with either black and white prints or paintings or artwork that feature pastel colours.

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2 September 2021